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Pool Closing Tips

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Closing a pool correctly means so much more then flipping a switch and putting on a cover.  Your pool and equipment must be winterized to protect them from the harsh weather and temperatures the winter months can produce.  Every step of the process from the winterizing your filter system to the properly installing the cover must be approached with every possible factor in mind.  The experts at the Windsor Pool Shop know these factors and will go to great lengths to make sure your pool is protected from Mother Nature’s toughest months.

During the fall and winter season humans are not the only animals gearing up for low temperatures and damaging storms.  Each and every animal from the tall to the small are looking for food and shelter to survive until the spring.  Your filter system, if not winterized properly will not only be subject to freeze damage, but will also provide insects, rodents, and reptiles with a cozy home and nesting materials for the winter.  Removing the motor and properly protecting filter tanks will help you avoid costly repairs and unpleasant surprises from creepy crawlers come next spring.  (We remove several snakes from filters each year, and repair dozens of motors damaged by insects and rodents.)

Freeze damage to skimmers, faceplates, and tile can be easily avoided by maintaining a proper water level on and or under the cover.  Water should never be allowed to accumulate on your pool cover, however snow and ice need to melt before your cover pump will work.  During this time the weight on the cover displaces the water under it, pushing it up to the tile and faceplates.  When the temperatures drop enough to turn your pool into a giant skating rink, the ice will pop tile right out of the mortar bed and crack skimmer throats and faceplates.  Removing the right amount of water during the closing process will help to curb freeze damage and save you time and money when its time to open the pool again.

Mesh cover allow water to pass through the material eliminating the need to pump water off of the cover.  This water will quickly accumulate under the cover.  Setting a pump under the cover to remove water as the level builds will greatly reduce the chances of any freeze damage.

Prevention is the best medicine.  Adding the correct chemicals in the right amounts to suit your pool will help to ease the burden of a swampy mess in the spring.  Winterizing the equipment properly will save you not only time and money, but stress and aggravation as well.  Have the Windsor Pool Shop winterize your pool this fall, and be ahead of the game next spring.

Winterize With Us, Protect Your Stuff

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The bottom line is that everything comes down to dollars and cents, and we are all holding on to as much of them as possible.  What makes sense is to have your pool and your equipment winterized correctly to insure everything will work in the spring, and you don’t peel off the cover and shriek hoping the swamp thing doesn’t emerge from the dark green depths.  What makes no sense is to find the cheapest garage based “pool guy” to pour some anti freeze down your skimmer, slap the cover on and split  with no guarantee any of your pools equipment has been properly protected.  Chemistry also plays a very important part of winterizing your pool.  Your levels should be different from the summer months, to prevent things like scaling, erosion, and the dreaded algae bloom.  Finally you need to make sure that the water level is low enough all winter long so as not to freeze around face plates and inside skimmer boxes.  These can cause serious damage to your pool that the garage guy will run from…and fast.  Call the Windsor Pool Shop first and avoid all of these problems from the beginning.

Properly winterizing your pool is much more then covering your pump with a plastic bag, (and yes this is done often), dumping petroleum based antifreeze down the lines and throwing the cover on as quick as possible.  Winterizing is just as important as opening, but most often viewed as an out of sight out of mind until spring kind of a job.  The Windsor Pool Shop will winterize your pool so that your equipment is not only protected, but in many cases removed and stored properly on your property.

From the last swim of the summer season to the first dive in when spring arrives, the cover you choose makes all of the difference.  Leaves and debris are not the only unwanted guests that a cover keeps out.  Everything from deer to pets, to children playing, pose a danger when it comes to whats covering your pool.  Safety covers help keep these disasters from happening and the Windsor Pool Shop uses only the best safety covers in the industry to protect your pool, pets, and loved ones.  The Windsor Pool Shop has been installing Merlin Safety Covers for decades and no one can install them better then Chuck, owner and head technician of WPS.  Since their humble beginnings in Trenton N.J. to their great expansion and move to nearby Hamilton, Merlin Industries provides many jobs for the community, and the Windsor Pool Shop will always stand behind that relationship.  The Windsor Pool Shop will never order your safety cover from overseas to save a few bucks.  If it wasn’t measured for your pool, it’s not the safety cover it should be.

Again, I’m sure the question comes up, “What is the difference?”  The answer is simple; 25 years in business with most of the same customers as when we began.  We back our work with our Winter Watch Program wherein once a month we will come out to the pool, make sure the water is at the correct level for mesh covers, make sure your cover pump is working for solid covers, and ensure that all of the lines are still sealed and protected.  We add needed chemicals to keep your water clear during the off season bettering the chances of an easy opening.

“Knowledge is key.”  The Windsor Pool Shop has the know how, the tools, chemicals and parts needed to keep your pool in excellent condition even in the off season.  Your pool is an investment that deserves the best in the business, and The Windsor Pool Shop is the best in the business.



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