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Cover Repairs

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If your pools safety cover suffered any damage during the winter season have the Windsor Pool Shop pick it up for repairs.  We will promptly remove the cover and send it to Merlin Industries in Hamilton NJ.  Merlin will match your safety cover exactly regardless of original manufacturer, and a brand new Merlin Safety Cover will be installed in it’s place.  Repairs, such as patches or panel replacements, can be made if only minor damages were suffered and while your cover is being worked on, we can install a temporary cover to insure the pool stays protected during the time of repairs.

Solid covers for in ground and above ground pools are available at the Windsor Pool Shop with many sizes in stock.  We carry only top of the line solid covers and water bags backed by a manufacturers warranty.

To upgrade from a solid with bags to a customized Merlin Safety cover, call the Windsor Pool Shop today and have us come give you an estimate for free.