How soon after shocking can I swim in my pool?
With Shock and Swim (a non-chlorine shock), you can swim after 15 minutes. Any other type of shock, wait at least 10 hours. It’s best to shock your pool when you are done swimming for the day.

My pool has been cloudy for some time. What can I do to clear up the water?
First have the water tested at the Windsor Pool Shop. If your pool water is balanced, you should add a Clarifier to break down the cloud causing particles in your pool water. If your pool water is out of balance, follow the recommendations on your water test print out, before adding any clarifying chemicals.

I want to switch from Baquacil to Chlorine, How do I go about switching over?
First off, shut down your system, by turning off your filter and pump. Add the recommended amount of Calcium Hypochlorite (chlorine). This will collect and sink the Baquacil to the bottom of your pool. Allow your system to remain shut off overnight. Vacuum your pool to collect the sunken Baquacil. Have your pool water tested here at the Windsor Pool Shop. If there is no more Baquacil present in the water, then you are able to shock your pool with Chlorine.

Why can’t I maintain a chlorine level? I have tested the water, and the Chlorine level reads zero.
There can be many reasons why your chlorine level is reading zero. The most common problems are a high level of Cyanuric acid(Stabilizer), or Phosphates in the water. Have your water tested in the Windsor Pool Shop water test lab to receive an accurate answer as to why there is no chlorine in the water.

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