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Pool Closing Tips

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Closing a pool correctly means so much more then flipping a switch and putting on a cover.  Your pool and equipment must be winterized to protect them from the harsh weather and temperatures the winter months can produce.  Every step of the process from the winterizing your filter system to the properly installing the cover must be approached with every possible factor in mind.  The experts at the Windsor Pool Shop know these factors and will go to great lengths to make sure your pool is protected from Mother Nature’s toughest months.

During the fall and winter season humans are not the only animals gearing up for low temperatures and damaging storms.  Each and every animal from the tall to the small are looking for food and shelter to survive until the spring.  Your filter system, if not winterized properly will not only be subject to freeze damage, but will also provide insects, rodents, and reptiles with a cozy home and nesting materials for the winter.  Removing the motor and properly protecting filter tanks will help you avoid costly repairs and unpleasant surprises from creepy crawlers come next spring.  (We remove several snakes from filters each year, and repair dozens of motors damaged by insects and rodents.)

Freeze damage to skimmers, faceplates, and tile can be easily avoided by maintaining a proper water level on and or under the cover.  Water should never be allowed to accumulate on your pool cover, however snow and ice need to melt before your cover pump will work.  During this time the weight on the cover displaces the water under it, pushing it up to the tile and faceplates.  When the temperatures drop enough to turn your pool into a giant skating rink, the ice will pop tile right out of the mortar bed and crack skimmer throats and faceplates.  Removing the right amount of water during the closing process will help to curb freeze damage and save you time and money when its time to open the pool again.

Mesh cover allow water to pass through the material eliminating the need to pump water off of the cover.  This water will quickly accumulate under the cover.  Setting a pump under the cover to remove water as the level builds will greatly reduce the chances of any freeze damage.

Prevention is the best medicine.  Adding the correct chemicals in the right amounts to suit your pool will help to ease the burden of a swampy mess in the spring.  Winterizing the equipment properly will save you not only time and money, but stress and aggravation as well.  Have the Windsor Pool Shop winterize your pool this fall, and be ahead of the game next spring.

Cover Repairs

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If your pools safety cover suffered any damage during the winter season have the Windsor Pool Shop pick it up for repairs.  We will promptly remove the cover and send it to Merlin Industries in Hamilton NJ.  Merlin will match your safety cover exactly regardless of original manufacturer, and a brand new Merlin Safety Cover will be installed in it’s place.  Repairs, such as patches or panel replacements, can be made if only minor damages were suffered and while your cover is being worked on, we can install a temporary cover to insure the pool stays protected during the time of repairs.

Solid covers for in ground and above ground pools are available at the Windsor Pool Shop with many sizes in stock.  We carry only top of the line solid covers and water bags backed by a manufacturers warranty.

To upgrade from a solid with bags to a customized Merlin Safety cover, call the Windsor Pool Shop today and have us come give you an estimate for free.

Don’t “Go Green”

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I’m sure that any pool technician will agree that it is far easier to take the few steps needed to keep your pool from going green than it is to let it go and then scramble to clear it up.  Once algae starts growing, its mission is to survive and it adapts to its environment.  After all, plant life came first on this planet, and it will continue to thrive where ever it can.  Your pool will have a bloom if you let your chemistry go.


As in most cases prevention is the best medicine.  Keep up with your pools chemistry.  Check chlorine and ph levels daily or at least every other day.  Keep a simple test kit at home and take a minute to make sure you have enough chlorine and that your ph is in range.   Check the alkalinity and the calcium once or twice per month.  If you don’t have testing reagents for these, drop off a water sample at the Windsor Pool Shop. If the chemistry is in line, adjustments will be small and manageable. We do not push chemicals, we advise you of what you need, and we will make suggestions on extras that could save you time and money in the end.


We understand that time is money and that your time is valuable, have the Windsor Pool Shop set up a weekly service contract for you.  We will take control of the pools chemistry with a Chemical Adjustment service.  Or we can take all the work off of your hands.  We will clean and adjust the chemistry with a weekly vac contract and you can have free time to enjoy your pool and spend less time managing it.


Your pool should be fun, refreshing, and relaxing.  Don’t let it get out of control.  Let the Windsor Pool Shop handle it for you.

Algae and Their Prevention

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The best way to treat an algae bloom is to prevent it from happening.  You always need to maintain a required level of sanitizer.  If you do have algae, treat it as follows.

1.  Shock.  Over night the sanitizer will breakdown the growth and the conditions algae thrive in.

2. Brush.  The following morning, brush the walls and the bottom of the pool with a stiff bristle brush.

3.  Vac.  Vacuum the entire pool.  While the sanitizer destroys the algae, vacuuming removes it from the pool.

4.  Test.  Bring a water sample to the Windsor Pool Shop.  Our staff will test it and advise on any adjustments needed.  Proper chemistry insures that the water is not suitable for algae growth.

Stay ahead of algae blooms.  Have your water tested at The Windsor Pool Shop and get the right advice on how to stay ahead of algae, and enjoy your pool all sumer long.